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Rear Brake Caliper GasGas Sherco Scorpa TRS Vertigo


Original rear brake caliper as mounted on the Gas Gas trials bikes from the last couple of years. The Braktec rear brake caliper provides strong reliable braking power and is the choice for most motorcycle manufacturers.

May require modification to fit your application (older models)

Original Braktec rear brake caliper with 2 pistons.

Comes loaded with Brake Pads

Bike: Gas Gas Pro/Racing/Raga/Factory/GP 02-22, Scorpa SC 16-22, Sherco ST 12-22, TRS One 16-22, Vertigo 15-22

* repair kit: BRK CAL RP KT 15600225C
* brake pad clip: BRK CAL CLIP 29099043
* brake pads: BP173 / BP173 RACE / BPGFG1805-FD065 / BPGFG1395-FD065