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    We are a dealer for Sherco, Beta and Scorpa motorcycles and for Jitsie, Echo, Zoo, GU, Czar, Inspired, Ozonys, and Monty Trials bicycles.  Trials Superstore carries brands such as Jitsie, Trialtech, Racing Line, Braktec, S3, Tr1al, Renthal, SKF, Domino, Galfer, Alpinestars, Gaerne, Forma, Sidi, Hope Brakes, Hammer Nutrition and many more! 
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Echo is one of the largest bike trials companies in the world and offers a full line of complete bikes, frames and parts. Echo was started in 1998 with the goal of making durable, affordable trials components. They have since expanded and now offer several models of complete 20”, 24”, and 26” bikes. Echo has several sub-brands including Zoo!Czar, and GU.  Zoo! Bikes are built with strength and durability in mind, while the Echo bikes are a little lighter. Their 24” Czar streetrials model is an excellent option for riders looking to blend bmx and trials. The GU frames are light and have more competition-oriented geometry. Their TR range of parts is durable and affordable, while their SL range features lightweight, competition-oriented components.

The Inspired story began with an idea to introduce a unique 24" wheel street frame which would bridge the gap between hardcore street mountainbike and traditional trials riding.  Painstakingly designed by enthusiastic and experienced company founder Dave Cleaver, the prototype frame that emerged from months of hard work required a suitably tough pilot to test it to the limit and prove the concept was viable. Enter Danny MacAskill. 

Following the release of the infamous Danny MacAskill April 2009 YouTube video, demand for 24" bikes quickly increased.  As the premium brand in the 24" street sector it was a natural step to introduce a complete bike to the product range.  Using the proven Fourplay frame as the base, along with a choice selection of components (including some very special custom made items from companies such as Hope and Trialtech) the Team and Pro bikes emerged.  

A chance encounter with the talented Scottish rider whilst on a riding trip would ultimately change the future of modern street and trials riding.  As a progressive and dedicated rider, Danny was the perfect man for this new style of frame and development advanced quickly.  After some relatively minor alterations and positive feedback from Danny, it was clear the frame was ready.
Inspired Bicycles was established in 2007 and the Fourplay frame became it's first product.  Named with a reference to it’s 24" wheels and playful character, the Fourplay frame has become the standard against which all other 'street trials' frames are judged.  At the time of it's release, the range of components available to fit this new breed of bike were relatively limited.  In order to provide riders with tough and reliable parts, the decision was made to introduce a selection of Inspired components which would complement the frames perfectly.  Inspired has grown rapidly from its humble beginnings and now has a comprehensive network of dealers across the world, who stock the complete range of Inspired products and can offer informed and helpful advice. 
Following the success over the past few years, Inspired is now more focused than ever on producing creative and stylish designs and developing innovative products to ensure that we continue to lead the street riding market. They aim to give riders the best equipment available to help encourage the progression and growth of the sport.

Founded in Spain by the father of legendary trials rider Ot Pi, Monty is the oldest and probably most famous trials company in the world. Monty Bicycles was established in 1983 by Mr Pere Pi. After 9 Spanish Championships in three different specialities, road racing, motocross and mototrial and 25 years of knowledge at Montesa Factory, Monty Bicycles had a very prestigious brand, known as Bicicletas Monty S.A.

From very small beginnings, Gas Gas has grown into a Manufacturer of World Class Trials, Enduro, and Motocross machines. From the start, Gas Gas's emphasis has been on producing products of the highest quality possible, and it's that quality that has enabled Gas Gas to grow at such a rapid rate.
In 1974 the opening of the Gas Gas motorcycle business was capitalized with only 100,000 Spanish Pesetas (about $600.00 U.S.).
The original and current proprietors of the company are Narcis Casas and Josep M Pibernat. Casas and Pibernat originally established a chain of dealerships specializing in products for the sport of Observed Trials.
In 1985, after an infusion of 10,000,000 Pesetas (about $65,000.00 U.S.), Gas Gas began the fabrication of their first motorcycle. Two hundred motorcycles were built initially. Due to increasing demand, growth of the business has never ceased. Today, production is at 9,000 motorcycles each year with sales over 60,000,000,000. pesetas ($40,000,000.00 U.S.). What was once a small company, now employs over one hundred workers, with points of sale throughout the world.
After having so much success, the philosophy remains the same. The company continues to explore new technologies and develop innovative new products for the future, in a wide variety of motor sports.
With multinational success in the sectors of Trials and Enduro, Gas Gas's position in the market is stronger than ever before. With continuously growing knowledge gained from participation in Championship events throughout the World, Gas Gas competition and development departments continue into the domain once controlled only by Japanese companies. Gas Gas maintains it's strength into the future. In 1999, for example, over 150,000,000. pesetas ($1,000,000.00) was allocated solely for new product development of the year 2000 models.
What is often not realized, is the tremendous amount of work operating a company of this magnitude. The process of designing and testing, evaluation, racing, and testing again... the development through competing at the highest levels... all goes into producing new models each year. The precise logistics, and the co-ordination of production of a series of products leads to the final product hitting the market. After much development, and much trial and testing, a new piece or product is released for manufacture and sale to the public.
Actually, Gas Gas Motos is made of many departments at different levels. Many professional people work to control all of the aspects of the company leading to the final product. The thing seen in the eye of the consumer is only the end result of the work of these departments. Few people are privileged to see what is involved in the making of motorcycles in the world of today's leading manufacturers.
As always, Gas Gas will continue to strive to maintain it's leadership in the sports of Trials and Enduro, as well as other ventures in the future. Always a trend setter, look for innovative products from GasGas to continue to revolutionize motorcycle sports well into the new century.

The History of Beta Motorcycles - an Italian Legend
Beta motorcycles have always been connected with the history and evolution of life on two wheels. The company was founded in Florence in 1904 under the name "Società Giuseppe Bianchi", for building handmade bicycles. At the end of the 1940s, with the changes that had taken place in Italian society and the development of motorized transport, the company switched to motorcycle production. The simple expedient of attaching an engine with a roller transmission to one of its bicycles, a typical example of Italian creativity, resulted in the first motorbike produced by the Tuscan firm. The two men who ran the company, Enzo Bianchi and Arrigo Tosi, joined their initials to form the brand-name Beta, and the company’s bikes have been sold under this name ever since. The CERVO 48 was the first model to be put on the market. It featured transmission by a rubberized roller acting directly on the rear tire, alongside a chain for starting and final drive. In 1948, the company launched the CIGNO, which was powered by a single-cylinder 48cc motor. Its double cradle frame, telescopic forks and shock absorbers gave it a very sporty look.
In 1950, Beta entered the more demanding 125cc class with the production of the ITAL-JAP 125, fitted with pressed-steel girder forks and telescopic rear shocks. Another model launched in the ’50s was the M.T. 175: derived from competition bikes, the M.T. used a two-stroke single-cylinder engine capable of reaching 81 mph. A touring version was subsequently developed, the S.V 175. A wide range of road bikes was produced in this period, with a tendency towards sportiness. The ASTRO 98, MERCURIO 150, FOLGORE 175 and ORIONE 200 are only some of the models fitted with single-cylinder four-stroke pushrod engines, delivering quite a respectable performance for the time. In the 1960s, Beta began in-house production of the motors which from then on would be fitted across the range. The development of new models went hand in hand with a commitment to competition: the ’50s saw Beta’s first successes in hill climbing, Motogiro and in the Milan-Taranto race, with its 175cc models. In the ’70s, with the emergence of the off-road sector, Beta began to specialize more and more in the production of off-road vehicles. This specialization has always been accompanied by a matching commitment in the area of competition, the test-bench for excellence in the production of Beta motorcycles - initially in motocross and enduro and later in trials, during the early ‘80s. Beta’s close involvement with motorcycle sport has been marked over the years by a series of successes. There were the early victories in motocross in the late ’70s and early ‘80s from riders by the names of Jim Pomeroy, Gilbert De Roover, and Italian rider Ivano Bessone. In the mid 1980’s Beta began to focus on building Trials motorcycles and had immediate success in the World Trials Championships won by the great Jordi Tarres and the three consecutive world titles awarded to Dougie Lampkin (1997-1999). Then there were the six Indoor World Championships, including the one which Albert Cabestany won in 2002, and finally five European titles. In 2004, Beta returned to four-stroke enduro with a major investment both in product development and in its presence on the competition track. In this new field, Beta remains faithful to its mission to inspire motorcyclists in such a fashion where the quality of the riding experience is just as important as the quality of the product. Today, many of the other motorcycle manufactures depend on robots to construct their products. Beta relies on the experience and passion of craftsmen to build their motorcycles. In 2009, Beta began development on an all new in-house built four stroke engine to power their new line of RR off road motorcycles. This new twin-cam engine has once again proven to the world that Beta is committed to the off road market. Since 1972, the production plant has been located at Rignano Sull’Arno near the Italian city of Florence. With an annual production of around seventeen thousand vehicles and fifteen thousand engines, Betamotor S.p.A. has a turnover of 44,5 million Euros. Out of every 100 bikes manufactured, over 70 are distributed abroad and the remaining 30 in Italy. The marketing network runs direct sales operations in Italy, France, Germany and Benelux, and works through importers in the rest of the world including the United States. Beta continues to be operated by the same family that started the company. For more than 100 years, Beta has continued to strive while others have failed. Beta’s United States importer Beta USA continues to grow by the means of excellent products, strong relationships with their established dealers, and outstanding spare parts delivery service.

Brief History
The youthfulness of the Sherco trademark, born in 1998, contrasts with the growth that it has experienced during this short, but intense, five-year period.
Born as a result of Marc Teissier's passion for trials, Sherco has carved a niche for itself among the leading manufactures in the trials market this success has been evident from the very beginning. This success can be contributed to Marc's ability to bring together a management team filled with experience and prestige in the field of trials.
The popularity of the Sherco brand among riders has allowed a fast, but methodical, expansion of the product line and the number of models offered. The number of trials motorcycles available was increased from one to four, including a special model designed for children. The model line will continue to be expanded for 2003 including an additional model for children as well as additional enduro models.
Early in 2002, Sherco obtained the HRD Company, thus stepping into the highly competitive 50 cc market. This coming fall, the second Sherco production plant, located in the French city of Nimes, will be inaugurated. This plant will be exclusively devoted to producing enduro and supermotard motorcycles with different cylinder displacements. The existing Sherco plant in Caldes de Montbui (Spain) will be devoted entirely to the manufacturing of trials models.
Today, Sherco has an important presence in 50 different countries throughout the five continents, with an estimated 2002 production of 5,000 motorcycles, of which 3,000 were trials motorcycles, the remaining were enduro and supermotard motorcycles. Sherco has an even more promising future, with an expanded 2003 model offering that will take full advantage of the opening of the new Nimes factory; this will allow us to create even more new product models. These new models will include the same quality and strengths that have come to be associated with the Sherco name.
In Competition
Taking on new challenges is part of the Sherco philosophy, and competition is one of those challenges. From the very beginning of Sherco we have always had our motorcycles competing in the most important championships in the world where we offered a competitive model.
Obviously, the most important presence of Sherco in competition takes place in trials. Sherco takes part officially in the trials World Championship through the Official Sherco Team, with Albert Cabestany as riders and Josep Rovira Paxau as technical director. Likewise, Sherco takes part in the most important classic competitions through the presence of an assistance team. The Sherco Factory Team offers support to all of competitors who choose Sherco motorcycles for competition. An increasing number of riders have chosen Sherco as their brand of choice as was apparent at the 2002 edition of the legendary Scottish Six Days Trial, where Sherco was the brand with the highest representation.
But the presence of the Sherco brand in races is not restricted to trials competition. The new venture of Sherco in the 50 cc market has been an incentive to compete in the hard fought
French Supermotard Championship, with Yoann Marche and Eric Dubus as riders. They have achieved spectacular results, such as Yoann's win in the first race in which both of them entered.
At Sherco, we consider competition as one of the best ways of improving our product and making its qualities available to the public; our outstanding competitive results are a clear reflection of the high quality of our motorcycles.