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Air Filter GasGas Pro Twin Air 2023-2024 Racing/GP OILED


Over 50 years ago, the sandy, gritty soil of The Netherlands – and the resulting engine failures – proved that single-foam and paper filters gave riders air flow, but failed at protection. Twin Air’s breakthrough, fused-dual-layer design (now widely copied) combined performance and protection. The fused layers of open-pore foam and fine inner foam trap even the smallest particles. The new, rounder design boosts airflow. So do the minimized seams made possible by a revolutionary micro-gluing process: shorter seams = more foam = more flow.

* washable and reusable - reusing a Twin Air filter 30 times is common
* dual-layer foam made to Twin Air specifications, with cells that are evenly sized and distributed
* minimized seams made possible by a revolutionary micro-gluing process
* greaseless sealing ring
* assembled by hand and inspected for a perfect fit
* packaged in a resealable and reusable bag
* important! Air filter comes pre-oiled so it can be used immediately

Bike: Gas Gas Racing/GP 2023Color: OrangeType: Oiled