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Save 20% on sale items - use code SALE20

Brake Pads BP325

Original price $35.00 - Original price $35.00
Original price
$35.00 - $35.00
Current price $35.00

Jitsie brake pads perform when most needed! Developed especially for trials and tested by the Jitsie riders under all possible conditions, they brake when you need them to brake!

* high durability
* great price/quality ratio

Bike: Gas Gas Racing/Factory 14-18, Montesa 4RT Repsol 14-18, Jotagas 14-16, Ossa Factory 14-16, Sherco Factory 14-18, TRS One RR 2018, Vertigo Combat 16-18Weight: 84gType: Braktec front brake caliper
Part # BP325