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Brake Pads BP325 Race


The Jitsie Race brake pads are ideal for riders who demand the best from their brakes. The special compound provides strong braking power in dry and wet conditions.

* metal ceramic material
* copper back plate improves pad contact with piston
* better feeling, progressiveness and braking power
* high durability and friction for competition use
* equally powerful in dry and wet conditions
* recommended with Jitsie Race brake discs

Bike: Gas Gas Racing/Factory 14-18, Montesa 4RT Repsol 14-18, Jotagas 14-16, Ossa Factory 14-16, Sherco Factory 14-18, TRS One RR 2018, Vertigo Combat 16-18Type: Braktec front brake calipper

2nd Pictures shows the Braktec Caliper that these brake pads fit