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Tech Front Fork Compression Kit


Compression Kit for the Tech Suspension front forks.

The compression damping adjuster fits in the bottom of the damping tube, it has a needle valve so the compression damping can be adjusted externally with a hex key, this allows the fork to be adjusted to suit the rider better by either increasing or decreasing the compression damping.

Fits both the steel and aluminium stanchioned 39mm Tech Suspension front forks found on trials bikes.

Turning the compression damping adjuster clockwise closes the bypass, therefore increasing the damping, this slows the fork down when it is compressed. This can be useful for heavier or pro riders that are using to much suspension travel on heavier hits but to much compression damping can cause a harsh feel.

Turning the adjuster anti-clockwise opens up the bypass valve, decreasing the damping, this allows the fork to move more freely so the suspension will absorb more which should help lighter riders maintain traction but to little compression damping may lead to the fork feeling unstable and may allow the fork to bottom out too easily.