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Fork and Dust Seal SKF 38P (Paioli)


Bike: Beta Rev/Evo 01-24, Sherco 01-11Color: GreenSize: 38X50X8/9.5Type: Front fork PaioliPart # SKF KIT38P
SKF seal kits for trials front forks consist of ONE oil seal and ONE dust seal, developed to achieve superior sealing performance. Developed using a new self-lubricating compound, the design and performance characteristics of the seals from this compound enable them to keep oil in and dirt out of the fork, while virtually eliminating stick-slip and improving performance by reducing friction.

* increased life and performance
* enhanced water and dirt protection capability 
* reduced and constant friction over the life of seal
* improved comfort
* reduced wear and air suction
* used by most World championship riders and teams