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Save 20% on sale items - use code SALE20

Sherco Y Hose Splitter

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T piece for the fuel line as used on the 2014 Sherco to allow the fuel to circulate back into the tank.

This recirculation system can be fitted to the 2010 to 2013 Sherco trials bikes but it does require another hole to be drilled and tapped in to the tank next to the original breather connector.

Sherco added this new arrangement for the fuelling system, it's quite simple just a extra T piece in the fuel pipe between the pump and the Carburettor, from this T piece runs another fuel pipe back up and in to the top of the tank. What this does is it allows the pump to run at it's full flow all the time and pump any excess fuel back in to the tank, this way the carburettor gets a constant pressure of fuel wether the tank is full or nearly empty. The new system is most noticeable when riding down very long steep hills as it stops the bike running rich. Some 2013 models already have this system fitted as it was introduced midway through the year.