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Keihin PWK 28 Carb Left Side Idle Air Mixture


KEIHIN PWK 28 carburetor. Supplied with 42 pilot jet, 118 main jet

If you need other size jets you will have to purchase them separately.

The connection diameter is 34 mm for the inlet side and 49 mm for the air filter.

The Idle screw is located on the left side.

Choke, and air screw are on the left side.

Genuine PWK:

A serial number is lightly imprinted below the PWK mark. The hoses should be a dark pink PLAS TECH hose. A “Motorcycle Race Use Only” label will be placed below the Keihin logo. Also various Quality Control marks should be visible. Genuine Keihin Jets should also have the jet size imprinted to the jet.