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Front Fork 39mm Jitsie Silver


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Performance. Precise. Personalized. The all new Jitsie ADRF front fork comes packed with factory level features and allows for a truly custom setup to suit your riding style.

* length: 750mm
* stroke: 170mm
* weight: 4.4kg
* damping system: open cartridge with Ø20mm piston and Ø10mm piston rod
* oil lock system: bottom of the right fork leg contains a cone which strongly increases the progressiveness of the damping during the very last part of the stroke to eliminate bottoming
* inner tubes: hard anodized Ø39mm high grade aluminum tubes with Jitsie branding
* outer tube: CNC machined from billet aero grade aluminum and anodized
* spring: 7.8N/mm 370mm CrSi spring located in the right fork leg
* seals: SKF 39mm oil- and dust seals
* bearings: Daido teflon coated slide and guide bushes
* oil: Motul fork oil EXPERT M 10W
* coatings: all aluminum cartridge parts are anodized to avoid contamination of the fork oil
* stickers: each Jitsie ADRF front fork comes with a sticker sheet

External adjustment:
* step-free compression damping adjuster integrated in left top cap
* step-free rebound damping adjuster integrated in right top cap
* step-free spring preload adjuster integrated in right top cap

Front wheel spindle:
* CNC machined from aero grade aluminum and anodized
* designed to eliminate the need for spacers during installation
* please note that a front wheel spindle is not standard included with the Jitsie ADRF front fork. Make sure to select the correct one for your bike:
> JI622-8361S-FFADRF-91.5-S = Montesa, TRS, Scorpa, Sherco, Vertigo
> JI622-8361S-FFADRF-95-S = Gas Gas

Development team:
* Appie Hens: +25 years experience in suspension technology as R&D team leader at WP Suspension and Technical Touch (KYB)
* Dougie Lampkin: 12x World trials champion (7x outdoor and 5x indoor)
* Pau Martinez: 2020 Trial125 World champion