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Fork Protectors Long Paioli/Showa/Tech


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The Jitsie long fork protectors prevent the fork bottom legs and upper tubes from getting scratched or damaged during a crash.

Bike: Beta Evo 01-18, Gas Gas Pro/Racing/Raga/Factory 11-18, Montesa 315-4RT 97-18, Jotagas 2012/14-17, Sherco 01-18, TRS One 16-18, Vertigo Combat 16-18Color: BlackType: Front fork Paioli 38MM/Showa 38MM/Tech 39MM

* made of strong plastic with a nice carbon look finish
* perfectly fit on 38-39mm Paioli, Showa and Tech trials front forks
* easy to mount using cable ties

Part # JI605-0132