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Braktec Clutch Lever


Original Braktec clutch lever.

* cold forged long style lever (cold version BRK CL LVR SV 849012MO0)
* suitable for latest models AJP and Braktec clutch master cylinders

Suitable for:
* BRK CL PMP 463004MO0
* BRK CL PMP 463005MO0
* BRK CL PMP 463019MO0
* BRK CL PMP 463030MO0
* BRK CL PMP 463031MO0
* BRK CL PMP 463033MO0
* BRK CL PMP 463034MO0
* BRK CL PMP 65000700C
* BRK CL PMP 65000701C

Color: SilverSize: LongType: AJP/Braktec master cylinder