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Scorpa 125 Twenty


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125 cc

The new Twenty 125, which is inspired by its predecessor, is designed to allow future champions to push beyond their limits. With a new frame that provides extraordinary accuracy and stability due to the rigid design and forward tank location. It has a new 125cc long stroke engine block along with a new cylinder and a high performance exhaust system. â€¨All of this is complemented by a large capacity air box and a large volume sleeve for optimum torque and power at all speeds. Unlike the previous model SR it has a tie rod suspension system for improved traction. In short, a fun bike that looks trendy and has a competitive behavior that will surely set the market benchmark.  


- Rigid and accurate frame

- High Volume Air Box

- High performance exhaust system

- Forward mounted Fuel Tank

- Quick and precise clutch

- Progressive Suspension

- Aggressive Colors