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Racing Line CNC Full Rim Brake


This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock

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- Super-high quality complete brake built around the ever popular lever from Racing Line!
- All metal components CNC machined from very high grade aluminium.
- Improved design sees the 'corner' section of the lever body (as found on the Magura lever) removed, to reduce any chance of a stress riser in that area.
- Flip-flop lever design means the lever can be run left or right handed (has logos both sides).
- Fully CNC-machined 4-finger lever blade offers 16% more power when compared with a standard 2005 series 2-finger Magura lever blade.
- Split lever clamp design means you can fit and remove the lever without the need to remove grips, and the lever also works for both left or right hand.
- 14mm diameter piston (with twin seal), TPA pin and adjuster, shroud nut, barbed fittings, slave cylinder pistons and bleed bolt grub screws are all CNC machined from aluminium alloy and anodised in red to ensure longevity, whilst saving a good chunk of weight and of course looking super pimp!
- Comes fitted with red alloy lever clamp and pivot bolts.
- Compatible with both washered and washerless brake clamps (brake clamps not included).
- Supplied fully bled and ready to fit.
- Main hose is 120cm in length, but can be cut down easily for a front brake if required.
- Available in black or red (colour of hose fittings may vary from pictures, see additional info).
- Packaged in a neat bag and box that's bound to come in handy at some point! (Storing spare parts etc.)
- Sold singly.
- Weight: 221g! Over 50g lighter than rival alternatives!


Brake pads sold separately