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Front Brake/Clutch Rebuild Kit Dot 4


Bike: Beta Evo Factory 14-18, Gas Gas Pro/Racing/Factory 14-18, Montesa 4RT 14-18, Jotagas 14-16, Ossa 14-15, Scorpa Twenty 15-18, Sherco 14-18, Vertigo Combat 16-18Color: BlackType: Dot4 oil
OLD Part # BRK M CYL RP KT 8531
Part # BRK M CYL RP KT 853069MO0
Suitable for:
* BRK BR PMP 460005MO0
* BRK BR PMP 460012MO0
* BRK BR PMP 460039MO0
* BRK BR PMP 460070MO0
* BRK CL PMP 463006MO2