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Fork Spring Marzocchi


Aftermarket spring for Marzocchi 40mm front fork with aluminium tubes.

* high quality chrome-silicon wire
* cold coiled, heat treated and pre-set 3x for optimal performance and durability 
* only suitable for the Marzocchi 40mm fork with aluminium tubes

Which one to choose?
* replace 1 original spring with a Jitsie 4.5N/mm spring - rider weight 80 to 95kg
* replace both original springs with Jitsie 4.5N/mm springs - rider weight +95kg

Size: 4.5N/mmType: Marzocchi 40MM with aluminium tubes

Standard Marzocchi aluminium stanchion springs are 325mm Long, these are 305mm long so may require an additional pre-load spacer to achieve a similar spring pre-load.