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Aluminum Spark Arrestor #30 Screen 1.250"


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There are only 2 items left in stock.
There are only 2 items left in stock.
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Machined Aluminum spark Arrestor with stainless set screws with a very compact design. Has legal screen size and comes with Allen key.

This size fits most trials motorcycles that has something to attach to at the end of the silencer.

Slips over the silencer and tightened with 3 stainless set screws. 

To check fit, measure your silencer where the spark Arrestor would slip on and get the outside diameter O.D.

This 1.250 spark arrestor has an Inside Diameter or approximately 32mm so you'll need your silencer end to be less than that.  If your silencer has any knicks or burrs you can file it down so the spark Arrestor will slip on. Easy to clean just take off...spray with brake cleaner or use solvent.

We developed an internal adaptor for the most trials bikes that don't have a silencer end you can attach a spark arrestor to, the internal adapter uses 3 set screws to secure. Then our standard spark arrestor (1.250") attaches to the adapter with 3 set screws.  (by clicking on this option it includes the adaptor and spark arrestor) 

Internal Adapter is for trials bikes that do not have a silencer end that extends out for a spark arrestor to attach to

-On the internal adapters see the sizes in the drop down option and measure your Inside Diameter on your bike to determine which is the best fit.

When attaching to the bike be sure to tighten the 3 set screws evenly 

Check your application before purchasing.