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Braktec Front Brake Master Cylinder


The Braktec brake master cylinder provides strong reliable braking power and is the choice for most motorcycle manufacturers.

* OEM product
* use with DOT4 fluid

Bike: Beta Evo Factory 14-18, Gas Gas Pro/Racing/Factory 99-18, Jotagas 12-17, Montesa 4RT 05-18, Ossa 11-16, Scorpa Twenty 15-18, Sherco 14-18, TRS One 16-18, Vertigo Combat 16-18

Part # BRK BR PMP 460006N

* repair kit: BRK M CYL RP KT 853069MO0
* cover: BRK M CYL CVR 858000MO0
* lever size: 9.5X22mm
* clamp with 2 bolts