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Boyesen Reeds GasGas Pro Keihin Carbon


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Boyesen Carbon Tech reeds: Quicker acceleration and crisper throttle response 

At the highest level of trials, you have to make a lot of choices when it comes to bike setup. The clear choice of champions is Boyesen’s ultra-responsive Carbontech reed system. Our Carbontech series reed is a no-compromise reed that is designed, tested and painstakingly refined for maximal response and performance. Featuring Boyesen’s proprietary X-Cross carbon weave method, model-specific material tensioning, and the absolute highest-quality carbon available, Carbontech series reeds will exceed your expectations and help you ride a better, more precise line than ever before.

Bike: Gas Gas Pro/Racing/Raga/Factory/GP 250/280/300 06-22Type: Keihin carburetor